“Nussenzweig v diCorcia” Lawsuit Dismissed

Head #13, 2000
© Philip-Lorca diCorcia

On March 20, 2007 the lawsuit filed against photographer Philip-Lorca diCorcia and Pace/Macgil Gallery by Erno Nussenzwig (pictured above) was officially dismissed by Justice Tom of the Supreme Court:

In this matter, it is plaintiff who, in the name of the exercise of religion, attempts to enlist the assistance of the courts of this state to restrict defendants’ freedom to disseminate a work of general public interest, and, to that end, the courts are forbidden to lend their assistance in contravention of the First Amendment protection conferred upon freedom of expression.

A bit of background on how the case came about can be read in this New York Times article from almost exactly one year ago.

Thanks, 2point8, for this news.

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