Maarit Hohteri: Personlige Portretter

Mikko, Sleep Markings, 2001
© Maarit Hohteri

Goshia, Poznan, 2005
© Maarit Hohteri

Helsinki School photographer Maarit Hohteri finds meaning in the world within her portraits of those that are close to her. She writes,

I document moments in my life by photographing people who are close to me. By means of photography, I seek to store my own and my friends’ feelings and observations about life and about being a human being. As I look at the pictures, I remember the changing flats, relationships, feelings of insecurity and my own fickle moods. Photography is also an attempt to arrange a seemingly random life into a whole; a story with a past, present and future.

Some of the results are really beautiful. I can’t help but think of Shen Wei‘s series Almost Naked.


  • ES

    Contemprary Finnish photography is big today. Red Room by M. Hohteri (in Polish, scroll down for pictures) has stuck in my mind for some reason.

  • michael

    or elinor carruci’s closer. a number of “sleep marks”

  • Von K.

    i would like to give compliments to your photo entitled “hanna and hanna dying eyelashes” because i think it is a good symbol of conjugality : mama’s last seduction vs. baby’s fulfillment !!
    nice work…

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