The First Digital Camera and How Kodak Learned to Love It

Stephen Sasson with his digital camera prototype
© James Rajotte / New York Times

For her New York Times article, At Kodak, Some Old Things Are New Again, Claudia H. Deutsch spoke with Steven Sasson, an electrical engineer who invented the “first digital camera.” When Sasson created his prototype at Eastman Kodak in the ’70s, he told her, the idea was not as easy to pitch as you might think.

“My prototype was big as a toaster, but the technical people loved it,” Mr. Sasson said. “But it was filmless photography, so management’s reaction was, ‘that’s cute — but don’t tell anyone about it.’”

In her article, Deutsch discusses how Kodak has since learned to embrace digital technology and takes a look at what new technologies they releasing and researching for.

Read it online here.

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